RE/MAX Team Andrew & Jill Hasman:

Andrew and Jill Hasman Real Estate teamHelping Home Owners Build Their Future

For nearly two decades, husband-and-wife real estate team Andrew and Jill Hasman have been helping home owners achieve their goals – whether it’s to purchase a dream home, sell their lifelong residence, or to help investors find income-producing properties.

Specialists in the Vancouver Westside Market

Andrew and Jill Hasman have worked in the Vancouver Westside market for their entire real estate career. It’s a location that they know best; after all, they’ve lived in the Westside for close to 20 years, raising their family of three children.

When it comes to finding one’s dream home, the Hasmans help buyers find a home that suits their personal preferences, needs and family requirements. The Hasmans possess knowledge about the proximity of city parks, community centers, and private and public schools; the demographics of specific neighborhoods; areas that meet a specific budget.

Nearly all of the clients the Hasmans represent are in the Westside. “We tend to be located within 10-15 minutes of every Westside home we sell for our clients,” says Andrew, who’s held the record of top 1% of Vancouver real estate sales for 12 consecutive years. “Whenever we hold open houses, meet with buyers or consult with sellers, it makes sense to be as close as we can to the homes we’re selling.”

Credibility in the Real Estate Marketplace

The Hasmans have lived and worked in the Vancouver Westside for close to 20 years – it’s an area they know best.

When the Hasmans recommend a purchase price for home buyers, their recommendation is based on their intimate knowledge of Westside neighborhoods, their ability to interpret trends in the real estate market, and their years of experience working in the Vancouver Westside area.

Because of the credibility the Hasmans bring to every purchase transaction, home offers put forward by the real estate power team are always seriously considered.

Whenever the Hasmans help their Westside clients sell their homes, they bring their full expertise to bear, in order to help sellers obtain the best possible price for their property. Homes are well-marketed, property descriptions are detailed and accurately written, and homes are carefully prepared for public viewing.

With a university degree in interior design, Jill routinely advises owners on house repairs that need to made, carpets that need to be replaced, rooms that need a new coat of paint, or areas that need decluttering or a different furniture configuration. Owners also appreciate Jill’s ability to connect them to experienced and skilled trades people who can get these improvements done in a timely and cost-effective manner. “The way a home is presented can greatly affect the amount of the final purchase price,” advises Jill.

The Hasmans also learn as much as they can about the homes they sell: from the age of the roof shingles, to the condition of the drain tiles, to the manufacture date of the water heaters. This helps them answer any questions buyers might have about the home, and to deal with any objections that might surface later on. Andrew and Jill work hard to ensure that every purchase transaction runs smoothly, with minimal surprises for both buyers and sellers.

This is just part of their professionalism that’s hard to find amongst realtors today.

A True, Personal Connection

The Hasmans look to build long term win-win relationships with their clients.

In addition to their exceptional track record in real estate sales, the Hasmans are proud of the close personal connections they’ve develop with their clients. “Some of the most interesting people we’ve met over the years,” says Andrew, “have been through our real estate profession.”

“And many of them have become our friends,” adds Jill.

There needs to be a strong connection between clients and their realtors. Selling or buying a home isn’t an everyday occurrence; it represents a substantial personal investment and there needs to be a strong level of trust in the client-realtor relationship. Ways that the Hasmans build trust with their clients is to making sure they are directly accessible either by phone or in person, responding quickly to concerns and questions, and to keep clients closely updated during sales negotiations.

“We want our clients to be comfortable with us; there’s never any pressure and if they require more time to consider a buying or selling decision, then more time should be given,” says Andrew. “Our clients need to be confident about the decisions they take, and we ensure they receive enough information so that an informed decision is made.”

Over 70 percent of the Hasmans’ clientele are repeat customers or client referrals; a true testament to the dedication and professionalism Andrew and Jill have delivered to their clients over the years.

“The best compliment we can get,” says Andrew, “is when a client refers their friends or family members to us.”

Meet Andrew and Jill Hasman