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Do I Really Need A For Sale Sign?

Here is a question I almost always get when listing a home for sale. The home owner asks if they really do need a For Sale sign or can they list with NO sign. 

Homeowners get concerned thinking that their neighbours will find out there home is for sale or wonder why they are selling. I do agree, selling your home can and is typically an emotional process but as a homeowner it’s always to your advantage to maximize your exposure. Who cares what the neighbours think. Look out for your best interest.

There are also a group of Buyers who I classify as “non-active buyers” not looking online for new property listings. Instead, this group of individuals would only look to buy if the right property came on the market. This is where having a For Sale sign is to your advantage. In my 20 plus years of selling Vancouver homes I cannot even count how many times I have sold a home from the Real Estate Sign. I know it’s in the hundreds.

A potential ( non-active ) buyer is driving or walking along a street and notices a For Sale sign right in front of a home they have always wanted to own. As soon as they see the sign they immediately call the  realtor. Without a For Sale sign you potentially lose this buyer. 

If you want to sell for the best possible price, make sure you place a For Sale sign in front of your home!

Happy Selling 

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