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Tricks Aren’t Just For Kids

In today’s hot Vancouver real estate market, you need to do everything you can to keep on top of the game, and that includes getting into the spirit of the holidays. In this case: All Hallow’s Eve. Come Monday, October 31st, there will most likely be a line-up of pint-sized characters on your stoop, and the adults with them might just be home buyers in disguise.

Why Decorate?

Keeping your home neat and tidy, inside and out, is just one part of making it market ready. Going the extra step to stage the inside and manicure the outside will be the key factor in getting the asking price of your dreams, and in some case, way beyond them. Staging your home like a professional haunted house may not be necessary, but adding a few tasteful details that scream Halloween to your welcoming front stoop and yard could make a difference. It shows you care for your home, and it will make others want to do the same. Potentially hundreds of people will be walking by your home on Halloween, why not give it the best curb appeal you possibly can?

Ideas for Decorating

Check out our post on Fall Decor Ideas, then hit up Pinterest for tasteful takes on Halloween decorating! Another good place to source ideas is the talented people at HGTV Canada. Search their Decorating database for a number of elegantly spooky ways to make your home just the right amount of festive for walkthroughs and curb appeal. If you’re selling, keep in mind to keep it simple! You don’t want to be dealing with decorations if it came down to a quick sell.

Host an Open (Haunted) House

You’re going to have trick-or-treaters and their guardians knocking on the door anyway, why not invite them in for a walkthrough that includes free candy and an ‘in’ to the conversation? Make your take-away pieces halloween-themed and they’ll stand out from the pile for sure. And remember: don’t skimp on the treats.

What’s your top tip for keeping Halloween decor classy? Share with us on Facebook and have a Happy Halloween!

Image Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

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